#irunathome #iruninmygarden #irunnearhome

#irunathome #iruninmygarden #irunnearhome

Mamma mia, this is not an easy time for running on beautiful trails. However, it is a great time to enjoy and discover the solitude of the trail runner.

Often we feel that we need other people when we go for a run. This is even more true now that we cannot join our friends for one of the activities we love most. 

I am missing greatly our Wednesday Trail runs. I was so proud that since starting the Norfolk Trail Runners we had not missed a Wednesday meet. 
Life has had other plans and it is essential that we balance our lives, families, our place in our society, our responsibilities and also our running (which in my case contributes to keeping me either sane or in my standard state of insanity).

So the idea of not only running near home came about as requested by our Government. The idea of using the garden as one of the places to run came to me after seeing too many people getting in their cars and going to the local beauty spots. This to me seems like both lacking common sense and partly insane. Therefore I decided that on a Saturday I would do my run in my garden. So far I have completed a 10k and a 1/2 marathon… I am a bit worried that the next step seems likely to be a marathon. Running 10k was just fun. Running 1/2 marathon was a mix of fun and committment… the marathon might just be insanity. Let’s see if it happens… that would be next saturday.

Anyway, if you can join me in the #iruninmygarden series. : )



Carmine De Grandis

I love the trails and the people I have met on the trails. I adore the challenge and the freedom of being in the mountains, fells or anywhere nature is itself and untamed by humans

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