Welcome to NTR

Norfolk Trail Runners (NTR) started in April 2018 with just a handful of people gathering at one of our favourite spots Roman Camp in North Norfolk. Since then we have explored and discovered many new locations with some weeks seeing as many as 40 runners turning up. The group is the brain child of Carmine de Grandis a hugely passionate trail runner who has developed a deep love and knowledge of the many Norfolk trails and the trail running scene – both local and further afield.

We are not a traditional running “club”, in the sense that we don’t believe anyone should ever have to pay to enjoy the beauty of the Norfolk trails. 

No-one who comes along will ever have to pay a penny to run with us.

Whatever the weather you will find us running the trails. To us trail running is a sport in its own right, not just a division of road running. However we will always celebrate the achievement and success of all runners, inside and outside of our community. People who work hard to achieve their goals deserve recognition when they get there! If you love running, walking, exploring or just enjoy countryside you will love our group. Come along.

Effort Group

This group tackles hills, pace or distance – and sometimes all three! We are motivated by the spirit of adventure so don’t be surprised if you encounter a little ‘off-trail’ running from time to time. However, we also have regular breaks to balance and recover.

Pace: Efforts at 95% maximum 95%
Distance: Around 6-7 miles 90%
Hills: Sometimes as much as 2000ft 95%
Pace: Between 9-11min miles 75%
Distance: Around 6-7 miles 90%
Hills: Up to 1000ft 50%

Social Group

this group is for those who would like to do more run for the duration, while keeping at a steady pace between 9 and 11min miles . Depending on where we are, runs usually end up being between 6 and 7 miles.

Jolly Randoms

this group is for those who would like to do more running than hiking, while keeping it at the lighter end of the pace scale. Again, depending on where we are, runs usually end up being between 5 and 6 miles, with breaks as required.

Pace: Over 11min miles 60%
Distance: Around 5-6miles 75%
Hills: Up to 700ft 35%
Pace: 15min miles + 40%
Distance: Around 4miles 50%
Hills: >500ft 25%

The Landstriders

Bring your poles (if you use them), or just turn up to take part in a very sociable group walk, usually around 4 or so miles, depending on the terrain and conditions. This group is great for those just starting out, or perhaps recovering from big races/injury, or those who want to get used to hiking with poles (very common in many longer ultra-distance races), or who just want to walk the trails with some company.