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Norfolk Trail Runners

Who are NTR?

We are Norfolk-based runners who love to explore!If you love trails – or if you want to find out what trail running is all about – then we definitely have something for you, whatever you think your current ability levels are.

Our club formed in 2018 and initially met weekly at Roman Camp in North Norfolk, but quickly started to vary our locations. We now run at places such as Sheringham Park, Blickling, the Bure Valley and more. We run year round and in all types of weather. Until you’ve run with a head torch through trails under the winter stars you haven’t lived!

We are hugely inclusive and welcoming. Among our varied membership we have people who are just starting out, right up to those who are training for longer distances – several of our group are regular participants in marathons, ultramarathons, mountain/fell races, multi-day events and more.

Our Groups

Interested? We run every Wednesday starting at 18:45 and sessions typically last until 20:00-20:15. Our locations change each week and the best way to keep up to date is to join our Facebook group HERE (Matt – pls insert link)

Effort Group

The Norfolk trail runners efforts group tackles hills, pace or distance - and sometimes all three always ensuring time for recovery between efforts! We are motivated by the spirit of adventure so don’t be surprised if you encounter a little ‘off-trail’ running from time to time. The sessions are structured so that no one is left behind, running at their own hard pace and always have someone to chase.


Social Group / Jolly Randoms

These 2 groups are for those who would like to do more running than hiking, while keeping it at the lighter end of the pace scale. Again, depending on where we are, runs usually end up being between 5 and 6 miles, with breaks as required. The Social group are simply a faster version of the JRs with an additional mile or so.


Bring your poles (if you use them), or just turn up to take part in a very sociable group walk, usually around 4 or so miles, depending on the terrain and conditions. This group is great for those just starting out, or perhaps recovering from big races/injury, or those who want to get used to hiking with poles, or who just want to walk the trails with some company.

Our Runners

Become a member of NTR and publish your very own running stories here, integrated with all social media outlets you can easily share your experiences with others and take from theirs.

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Upcoming runs

Interested? We run every Wednesday starting at 18:45 and
sessions typically last until 20:00-20:15. Our locations change each week and
the best way to keep up to date is to see the blow event or follow us on Facebook.

The NTR Mapbox

Join below and get access to the NTR MapBox. As a NTR member you can take advantage of our favourite routes by downloading the GPX files from the MapBox. Just come from a run you really enjoyed and want to share? Pop it straight in to the MapBox and others will see.


Where & when do we meet?

We meet in a variety of villages, parks, towns along the North Norfolk coast and further in land. Our regular training day is a Wednesday, we start running around 18:45 so arrive before then for briefing.

How much does it cost run with ntr?

Absolutely nothing! It is our core belief that no one should have to pay to run/explore the beautiful trails our county has. We do however feel strongly about supporting organisations like National Trust so please help them help us by either joining or at least paying for parking at our runs.

What skills do i need?

We are pretty hot on required kit. We always say its important to carry a waterproof in the car/bike with you in case, wear suitable trail shoes (3mm tread depth ideally, sometimes deeper tread when wet) and finally, on all winter runs a head torch. We do not provide kit so please please don’t forget it!

what kit do i need?

We have a very versatile club, each Wednesday we offer 4 groups (Unless notified differently) varying in pace, distance and effort. Click here to find out more about our groups. As a very rough guide though we would say best to be able to complete 8km over uneven ground.

Where do we get ntr apparel?

We are in the process of putting together a web-shop of merchandise from Vests & T-shirts to Hats and Socks but in the mean time please email or contact us on our FB page for more info.

do you run weekends?

We know playing on a school night tends to be difficult for a lot of people which is why we are working on a platform where we can share our weekend runs with one another. Sign-up to NTR here  then Head to the Calendar here  to see what runs people have planned.